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Settlement Plan

All applicants to the MPNP must submit a Settlement Plan. "This document is your opportunity to explain how you will achieve your short and long-term settlement and employment goals, such as becoming licensed to work in an occupation that is regulated in Manitoba."

You complete your Settlement Plan as part of MPNP Online. The MPNP Settlement Plan instructs you to research your intended occupation using the Working in Manitoba, Canada Tool, and state your plan of action to become employed – and advance your career – as you enter the labour market and become economically established as a permanent resident of Manitoba.

As many in-demand occupations are regulated (such as skilled trades or engineering), the Settlement Plan calls on you to plan how you will become licensed or certified to work, and asks you to plan for employment in a related but unregulated occupation.

Settlement Plan is your opportunity to present why you are a good candidate for the MPNP and, as a skilled worker, can make an immediate contribution to the Manitoba community and economy.

Settlement Plan also empowers you to take action toward your personal success as a New Manitoban. After nomination, the MPNP helps you advance your Settlement Plan with the MPNP Pre-arrival Workbook – an online, interactive personal planning tool.

It’s all part of our continual improvements in client service as we work together to make Manitoba home to opportunity for all. Your success is our success.

(Settlement Plan Part 2 is a form used only by applicants whose Connection to Manitoba requires a resident relative or friend to review and endorse their plan.)

Официальный источник: http://www.immigratemanitoba.com/how-to-immigrate/mpnp-resources/common-questions/#settlementplan

Settlement Plan
You must demonstrate your adaptability and employability by submitting with your application a Settlement Plan that shows:

  • why you have chosen Manitoba as your immigration destination
  • your plan for settling in a specific destination community
  • the type and strength of your connection to Manitoba
  • that you are taking steps to ensure your immediate and long-term employability in Manitoba

Официальный источник: http://www.immigratemanitoba.com/how-to-immigrate/assessment/